Lead Beneficiary: NILU / Dorte Herzke  
Co-lead : VU / Pim Leonards; KI / Mattias Öberg
Duration: Months 1 – 48


To enhance interconnectivity and collaboration between ESR Projects to i) strengthen translational aspects through ESR-only seminars, stakeholder interaction, open/source data repositories (e.g. AOPWiki, MassBank), ii) raise awareness among all participants and contribute to the development and/or application of novel concepts in the areas of chemical regulation (e.g. cumulative assessment, AOPs, WoE, Environmental Mobility), iii) contribute to the evaluation of replacements of regulated PFASs with new PFASs of similar concern including precursors, and iv) encourage the commercialization of innovative products and methodologies (e.g. new analytical tools, development of biomarkers, remediation techniques) and services.