The PERFORCE3 supervisory board consists of the following individuals:

Ian Cousins (Coordinator/SU): Cousins will coordinate and manage the ETN and act as the contact point for the Research Executive Agency (REA) and all participants. He is responsible for all tasks assigned in the Grant Agreement and CA.

Jonathan Benskin (Assistant Coordinator/SU): Benskin provides support to the coordinator for all tasks assigned in the Grant Agreement and CA.

Ana Cordeiro (Project Manager/SU) supports the Coordinator and ensures the effective management of all administrative tasks and compliance to all legal requirements, as well as support all other management-related tasks, such as monitoring progress and deliverables and contribute to the organisation of events and courses.

Thomas Knepper (Director of Research/HSF): Knepper  is the contact within the network for guidance and coordination of collaborative multi-sectoral research efforts. Knepper will participate in the recruitment of ESRs and will meet with them individually to discuss their contribution to the overall programme to take individual specific skills and research focus into account. His role includes advising individual ESRs on issues related to research, e.g. on deriving and formulating substantial hypotheses, experimental design, and quality assurance measures. Additionally, he oversees dissemination of research results in journals and initiate joint publications.

Helen Håkansson (Director of Training/KI) is centrally responsible for all issues related with the training programme, including participation in recruitment and doctoral registration processes, maintenance of close contacts with ESRs and their supervisors to follow training progress, providing assistance as needed. Håkansson will be responsible for the implementation of remedial actions should training milestones not be achieved. In the event of delayed progress or other circumstances that adversely affect the training, appropriate measures will be proposed and implemented. Progress will be tracked via ESR annual progress reports and CDPs (revised annually) provided by each ESR to the Director of Training for evaluation.

Dorte Herzke (Equality Champion/NILU): Diversity and equality are core values of PERFORCE3 that will be incorporated throughout the program, from recruitment, to project management, to outreach. All participants will contribute to promoting these principles. As Equality Champion, Herzke ensures that equality measures are implemented. She is the point of contact for ESRs should they ever feel subject to any form of discrimination. In this case, she will initiate, together with the Coordinator, appropriate mitigation measures.

Torkjel Sandanger (Ethical Lead/UiT):  Sandanger will act as a central consultation point for network participants on ethical matters. 

ESR Representative (To be determined): The ESR representative provides direct input and feedback regarding research and training activities.