// WP1

To develop and apply novel analytical techniques that can be used to detect, identify and quantify a wide range of PFASs in human matrices and relevant exposure media, including total organofluorine approaches.

// WP2

To clarify mechanistic events involved with metabolic outcomes that have been observed in experimental models following PFAS exposure and that are suspected to occur in human populations

// WP3

Develop solutions to PFAS contamination, including (i) technologies to remove PFASs from contaminated waters and soils.

// WP4

To enhance interconnectivity and collaboration between ESR Projects.

// WP5

To provide a supra-disciplinary, well-structured research training programme focusing on human exposure to PFAS, its implications for public health and on solutions for PFAS contamination problems.

// WP6

To a) effectively manage the ETN PERFORCE3; b) assist participants in executing research and training activities laid out in the CDP, and c) report progress to the REA.

// WP7

To promote and disseminate the results of PERFORCE3 as widely as possible to the scientific community, industry, global policy makers and regulatory agencies, and the general public.