PFASology Episode 4: Remediation of PFAS-contaminated soil

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PFASology is a science podcast covering the different disciplines of PFAS research. It is created by the 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) within PERFORCE3. Over the course of the series, the ESRs will discuss the challenges and solutions associated with the global occurrence of PFAS.


Episode 4: Remediation of PFAS-contaminated soil

In 2013, in Rastatt, Germany, a routine check of the town’s drinking water sources has uncovered high PFAS contamination. The Rastatt case quickly developed to be the largest soil and groundwater contamination case of PFAS in Germany, leading to negative social, economic and environmental regional effects. In this episode, we speak to Michel Hubert about what techniques can be used to clean up PFAS contaminated sites and his research in the Perforce 3 Network.