ESR //04

Early Stage Researcher: Mohammad Sadia
: University of Amsterdam (UvA)
Supervisor: Annemarie van Wezel (UvA)
Thomas ter Laak (UvA/KWR), Antonia Praetorius (UvA)
36 months
Scientific deliverables: 1.4, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
Main WP: 1
Co-WPs: 2, 4
Enrolment in Doctoral degree: University of Amsterdam (UvA)


1) To develop new analytical methods for determination of new known (e.g. PFECA, PFESA, HFPO-dimer and trimer acids, polyfluorinated acids) and unknown PFASs (such as polyfluorinated alkylsulfonates) in the drinking water production chains.

2) To investigate the occurrence and behaviour of alternative PFASs during drinking water treatment, by collecting samples from different sources of drinking water (groundwater, river bank filtrates, surface waters).

3) To assess the contribution of drinking water to the human exposure to alternative PFAS by calculating emission loads and testing various alternative PFASs for partitioning behaviour.

4) To assess the efficiency of emerging and alternative PFASs removal by new or marketable (commercially available) sorbents that are potentially relevant for water treatment, from which a operational decision tree can be devised for certain PFAS targets.

5) To assess the binding properties of emerging and alternative PFASs to key environmental substrates to improve the modelling of environmental distribution after emissions.

Planned secondment(s):

KWR: (M11, M13, M15, M17, M23, M29, M34; 7x 1w) regular stays for training on (i) non target MS workflows and (ii) water treatment technologies.

HSF (M18, 12w) for training on instrumental analysis.

UFZ (M24, 12w) for training on FT-ICR MS.

NILU and UiT (M31, 8w) for training on total oxidisable precursor methodology and to place PFAS levels found in drinking water into the context of overall human exposure.

1-day visit planned to a wastewater treatment facility (Svenskt Vatten) (M12 following ATC3).

Assist in the site visit to UFZ by all ESRs following ATC6 in M24