ESR //08

Early Stage Researcher: Lara Cioni
: Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU)
Supervisor: Dorte Herzke (NILU)
Co-supervisor: Torkjel M. Sandanger (NILU, UiT)
Duration: 36 months
Scientific deliverables: 2.5, 2.9
Main WP:
Co-WPs: 1, 4
Enrolment in Doctoral degree: The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)


1) To develop method for assessing legacy and alternative PFASs using the oxidizing organofluorine method in addition to total fluorine concentrations in human plasma. 2) To assess changes in human exposure from 1979-2015 and our ability to model these changes; 3) Assess dietary predictors of different fluorine fractions in northern Norwegian men and women.

Planned secondment(s):

SU (M31, 12w) for training on total organofluorine analysis.

UFZ (M 18, 8w) for emerging PFAS analyses,

1-day visits to a local wastewater treatment facility (Svenskt Vatten; M12 after ATC3) and UFZ (after ATC6 in M24).