ESR //07

Early Stage Researcher: Lackson Kashobwe
: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)
Supervisor: Pim Leonards (VU)
Co-supervisor: Timo Hamers (VU)
Duration: 36 months
Scientific deliverables: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.9
Main WP: 2
Co-WPs: 1, 4
Enrolment in Doctoral degree: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Develop cell- and organ-on-chip-based metabolomic and lipidomic approaches using human adrenal cortex to: 1) clarify the molecular mechanisms involved in the toxicity of alternative PFASs with a focus on steroidogenesis, cholesterol synthesis and metabolism, and lipid pathways, 2) link the metabolomic pathways with human cohort gene expression and metabolomics data of ESR9, and 3) perform competitive binding studies with L-FABP using mixtures of different substrates (fatty acids, cholesterol) and different PFAS compounds, 4) support AOP- and biomarker-development with a focus on intermediary metabolic events of relevance for suspected human health outcomes following PFAS exposure.

Planned secondment(s):

BfR to work with ESR6 on the hepatocyte metabolomic study (M18, 8 weeks).

UiT (M31, 4w) integrate cell based metabolomics data with human metabolomics data.

1-day visits to a local wastewater treatment facility (Svenskt Vatten; M12 after ATC3) and UFZ (after ATC6 in M24).